Let's do renewables right

The European countryside is littered with big, white and expensive wind turbines, and it seems that this comes to little avail.

The EU Joint Research Centre’s latest Wind Status Report claimed that 8% of electricity produced in the EU Nations came from windfarms, however, when The Register contextualised these figures in that of a developed EU nation- one that produces and consumes mostly non-electric energy- the figure, which included solar panels, fell to a lamentable 1.5%. The report, accounting for electricity only as opposed to burning fuels which run our industry, heat our homes, and power our cars, is therefore deeply misleading.

The trouble with the profligate initiatives of the EU is that they do not yield results. Not only does the British taxpayer subsidise such projects, but it also suffers because, as a result, household electricity expected to rise by 50% in the coming years.

Climate change is a pressing issue, but it is clear that the EU’s strategy is not working. The money saved should be redirected towards Research and Development, or providing financial incentive to the private industry to reach a solution.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance again raises concerns about EU projects which simply are not producing results, as well as clear issues with accountability; nobody will be held responsible for these failed endeavours, which will therefore persist. This is especially problematic when it is the British taxpayer who not only pays, but consequently suffers.

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