Lies, damned lies and council statements

Pinnochio_2 Spot the doublespeak in the following article from the Romford Recorder:


“HAVERING Council leader, Michael White, has committed himself to not raising council tax after it was revealed that the council has millions of pounds locked up in struggling Icelandic banks...


Cllr White again reassured Havering residents that no services or current projects would be affected by the crisis - and pledged that there would be no changes to council tax.


He Said..."In terms of council tax, we are going to aim for our pledge of no more than a 3.5 percent raise. We have delivered two budgets at this rate and I am very confident that we will do it again.


Ok, I made it easy by highlighting in bold the contradictory statements.  How can you pledge not to raise council tax and then say you’re going to aim for a maximum 3.5% council tax increase?


You know the drill by now: ask Cllr White which it’s to be – a council tax freeze or a tax hike at the worst possible time?

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