Liverpool City Council - 'A law unto ourselves'

Browsing through the Guardian’s job pages this week, I came across this advert.  The job itself didn’t merit the title of ‘non-job of the week’, I mean, if it’s a choice between equality officers and lawyers, the decision is tough but lawyers have a use after all.


But take a look and note the rather arrogant statement on the ad:


081120 Liverpool Spider


“A law unto ourselves”.  If you need any further proof of the aloof nature of local government, this is it.  Liverpool City Council has run up a budgetary black hole of £60 million this year, yet its ad lauds that bloody great giant spider (spinning a web of more debt there Liverpool Council, well done) as part of their Culture celebrations.


To me the ‘law unto ourselves’ statement means that they can rack up as many debts and deficits as they like and still continue to hike taxes and squander taxpayers’ money.  So much for Liverpool City Council acting like responsible public servants.

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