Lower Taxes

With the tax burden at its highest since 1969-70 it is more important than ever to make the case for lower taxes. Recent cuts in corporation tax and income tax have resulted in greater revenue.


Many people we speak to simply aren't aware of the numerous ways they are taxed, be it by value added tax, air passenger duty, insurance premium tax, stamp duty, the list goes on. Our campaign for lower taxes shows just how many taxes we are subjected to in our daily lives. Most unfair of all is when taxes are applied on top of other taxes, for example VAT is added after fuel duty is added to petrol, diesel, LPG etc!

It is people on the lowest incomes who are hit hardest by unfair and regressive taxes. It is vital our campaign reaches as many people as possible. The TPA has become a regular feature on many high streets throughout the UK. With every campaign day we hold we gain more supporters and awareness for our cause.