Mash Beer Tax in Cardiff

Supporters from throughout Cardiff and South Wales joined our Mash Beer Tax event in the Welsh Capital on Tuesday night. The gathering included students from Cardiff University who all raised beer mats at the appropriately named Queens Vaults, Cardiff City Centre. The students, like those at the Exeter, Bristol and Nottingham events, find themselves frustrated at the prospect of tax increases on one of their few pleasures.

The event in Cardiff not only allowed for a voicing of concerns at ever increasing taxes but also for Mr Jon Barrett the owner of JW Barrett pubs to voice his direct concern. "Pubs across the country are being savaged by more regulation and higher taxes", he said. "Higher taxes on beer are also  isolating some of the most vulnerable in society as they struggle to meet with people in their local communities"

Similar concerns were raised by Caerphilly resident Mr John Evans. "Higher taxes on beer are threatening customer confidence. It is well known that breweries are cutting down on the alcohol content in their products just to avoid higher levies, this proving to be a raw deal for all concerned"

Those present were also shown the facility on smart phones allowing attendees to contact their local MP and voice their concerns. This was something many of them had never done before and remarked how easy it was.

Make sure you write to your MP using and let them know your views.

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