Meat tax: a big mis-steak!

Overzealous Oxford academics have suggested a bonkers new tax on everyday meats. They want to slap a huge hike of almost 80 per cent in the price of processed meats like bacon and ham, with another rise of around 15 per cent on red meats, like steak and pork chops. 

These charges would affect everything from a joint of beef for your Sunday Roast to a trusty full English breakfast, potentially almost doubling the cost of a pack of streaky bacon. Just like the sugar and alcohol duties, it's yet another snobbish and misguided attack on the ordinary taxpayers - pushing up the cost of living in a desperate attempt to drive people away from the foods they enjoy. 

Instead of constantly calling for new levies, these vocal public health crusaders should spend more time thinking about ways to cut taxes and make food cheaper for everyone.   

The Big Meat Up:

MPs joined the #TPAMeatUP over a traditional English breakfast to say no to the proposed 'Meat Tax'.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon said: "Why on earth should we be taxed? It will hit people particularly on lower incomes, so this is a mad tax... Stop taxing people, if you want people to eat healthy educate them instead." 

This meat tax would be a huge mis-steak!

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