Past: Meat Tax - A Big Mis-steak

In response to the ludicrous suggestion of a new tax on processed meats, in November 2018, we hosted an event in Westminster for politicians to show their opposition to any new meat taxes. 

At the 'Big Meat Up', MPs and Ministers joined us for a fry up and discussed how we could fight a tax, which would be hugely damaging to the farming industry in the UK and would massively increase the price of the weekly shop. We also visited Smithfield Market to get their views. 

Often, these suggestions go unnoticed and unopposed - until public health fanatics pick them up and begin persuading Ministers that yet more nanny-state measures are needed. This is exactly what happened with the hated sugar tax.

You can listen to Harry Fone discussing the issue here. 

We will not allow a meat tax to become, by stealth, the next target for over-zealous state intervention in our everyday lives. 


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