MEP sacked over expenses fiddle

Snouts_in_troughDen Dover MEP has been thrown out of the Tory Party after having been forced to pay back £500,000 of EU parliamentary expenses.  An EU parliamentary investigation found he had claimed this money for ‘unaccountable expenditure’ and the case has been referred to Europe’s anti-fraud office.


Since 1999 Mr Dover channelled £760,000 of your money to his firm to pay his wife and daughter for secretarial and research duties.  This is despite his daughter having another job 4 days of the week.  Arrogantly, Dover declared no financial interest in this firm, blithely siphoning taxpayers’ money to his family for seemingly little to no work. 


The tragedy here is that Dover is only under orders to pay back two thirds of the money falsely appropriated from public funds.  Surely – you would agree – he should be forced to pay back every single penny so to act as a warning to any other sleazebags out there that when they’re caught, the taxpayer will get back the lot.


You can ask Mr Dover to pay back the whole sum at: [email protected]

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