Millions to be spent on a new academy in Hull

The education system in Hull has taken more than its fair share
of knocks over the years. In all fairness to the teachers, Hull is a city where
education is regarded as unimportant. Until parents realise their children’s
future lies with a good education, very little will change. Today though one
school is celebrating. St Mary’s School has received an outstanding OFSTED
report and it is the first school in the city to ever receive such a
commendation. Well done to the pupils and staff who have worked very hard to
achieve this.
HullEastRiding TPA (1)  


Unfortunately, elsewhere in the city our money is being wasted
through the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. Seven years ago, a
new school opened on Beverley Road, called Endeavour High School. It was an
amalgamation of William Gee and Amy Johnson Schools. It was beset with problems
as soon as it opened its doors. Hull City Council wants to close this school and
build a new academy in the west of the city. The academy’s new home could be the
Boulevard, the former home of Hull FC Rugby League Club. The council states
Endeavour was built in the wrong location! So what? Why should taxpayers have to
shell out millions of pounds, especially with the current cuts starting to bite,
because Hull City Council wants to relocate after less than 10 years? The last
government approved the relocation, and it looks like nothing is going to
change. Once a site can be found, building work will take place. All of this is
on top of the costs of acquiring land to build the new Northern Academy to
replace Sir Henry Cooper School. While none of us want our children to be
educated in falling down schools, surely it is what goes on in the classroom
that matters.


Schools in the area have been told there is no
extra money available to them. So why is it Michael Gove thinks is it
appropriate to spend money on a new academy, when the school it is replacing has
buildings less than 10 years old?


This nonsense is complete waste of money and I hope the
government has a rethink and decides to shelve this ridiculous plan. 


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