More branding waste

The Child Support Agency, now scrapped for being utterly useless, spent £60,000 just on consultants to "research brand development" according to the Express today.  Between that, big bonuses for its staff and £3.5 billion in uncollected fines it's hard to think of a government body that has represented worse value for the taxpayer.  Collecting unpaid child maintenance is basically a debt collection exercise and the same kind of thing is done day in, day out, in the private sector.  There is no underlying reason, beyond classic government mismanagement, for the agency's failure.

The BBC has been up to the same trick.  While it might be best paying attention to recent scandals it is putting in place a £120,000 rebrand of its radio idents (that's "logos" to you and me").  License-payers' money being poured down the drain.

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