More congestion...

The future may look a little brighter today for those in the West Midlands who are in opposition to costly road pricing proposals (Birmingham Post, 24.07.07), as the region will now not be amongst the first to pioneer the plans.

However, we mustn’t be fooled into thinking that this was a competent decision as in actual fact it only arose from a lack of agreement between the relevant councils and the general consensus that their bid was insufficient, despite costing the public millions. After ten months of talking, deliberating and, of course, spending, the seven district councils are claiming that they need yet more time to draw up what they call a ‘workable plan’.

We can be sure that more research, consulting and discussing will amount to more millions squandered, as those with a blind commitment to the project unite with those who have a vested financial interest to seek ever more absurd ways of getting the wheels in motion – or not.

Whilst the expensive answer to the logistical problem of putting a tracking device in every vehicle that might perhaps maybe someday use the roads in the West Midlands is sought, at least those who feel strongly about the potentially disastrous impact this will have on the region’s economy can grow even more vocal in their attempts to get these plans shelved for good.


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