More for less

A TPA supporter emailed in a letters page recently (see below) that reveals a quite startling revelation from the Leader of East Herts. District Council.  In responding to a constituent’s letter decrying the high taxes and services in East Herts, Councillor Tony Jackson states the following:


“Three examples of issues that he suggests highlight EHDC’s “misappropriation of council tax”.  However, the first issue relates to a school – which is the responsibility of the county council; the second point is about highways – again, a county council issue; and the third about the post office – which is something in the domain of central government.  While these issues aren’t areas for which EHDC has direct responsibility…”


Talk about shifting the blame.  Nevertheless, although Councillor Jackson admits EHDC has very little responsibility, he’s still entitled to a ‘special responsibility’ salary of £27,022 on top of the £5,404 paid for by the taxpayer.


Perhaps on his admission that bodies elsewhere take responsibility for major policy areas, he should forego his ‘special responsibility’ salary?  Why not ask him? Anyone want to take odds that he doesn’t…



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