More non-job madness...

ClownsHiding away in today’s Metro is an advert for an, all to frequent, non-job - one that’ll leave you with little reason to doubt why the 2012 Olympics is going to be over-budget.


Instead of just getting the job done, building the Olympic park and ensuring there’s track to run on and such, the Olympic Delivery Authority sidestep all that in the name of ‘gender equality’.


On your buck, they’re attempting to ‘promote gender equality’ in the construction industry.  It’s as if they can take time out from building the Olympic park and competition venues to even out the male to female ratio in the building industry.


It shouldn’t matter what sex makes up the majority of the workforce in any industry, as long as the job is done.  London’s taxpayers (and soon to be taxpayers in Hertfordshire and Essex if Ken gets his way) want the Olympics ready to go on time and, preferably, under budget.  If the ODA continues on this politically correct path of wasting your money, then they clearly won’t.


From the ODA website:


“The ODA and its Delivery Partner wish to recruit two Employment & Skills Managers – Women’s Project to:


• Proactively promote construction related employment opportunities for women
• Assist in removing the barriers facing women wishing to enter the construction industry
• Broker on-site construction related work placements and direct employment for women
• Offer additional support to women on-site to ensure retention and career development


Understanding gender specific schemes will be new to many contractors and to the construction industry as a whole. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of supporting women/under-represented groups in gaining employment within the industry and also facilitating relevant training and development opportunities. In addition, they will have experience in educating and assisting companies to place women/under-represented groups into construction jobs.”


It gets worse north of the Border when you see what Glasgow University use government funds for…


Anyone fancy becoming a research project assistant in Scottish Pantomime?

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