Moving on

After two and a half wonderful years at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, this is my final blog on my last day here as your grassroots coordinator.


To those of you I’ve met, corresponded with and campaigned with, thank you.  Getting to know so many of you so well has made this job a complete wonder.  Your ideas to how we can set this country free have influenced my own personal beliefs.  Your determination to fight on, regardless, has been inspirational.  Your calls and emails have made no two days the same.


I’m delighted to say that I leave our grassroots organisation bigger, stronger and more determined to fight those who squander our money.


We now have supporters watching out for, and applying to join council Independent Remuneration Panels.  What a great day it will be when our supporters control the pay of their local politicians.


We have our supporters our leafleting and writing letters, constantly putting the message over 24/7.


We have done ourselves proud by supporting those who make the stand to withhold some of their council tax.


We have done so much, but there is so much left to do.


Keep up the wonderful work.  Never give in and never let up in the fight for lower taxes.


Good luck and best wishes to all of you in the future.



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