Moving on from the TPA

Dear all,

After two very energetic and enjoyable years, I am now moving on from the TPA.  It has been an incredible experience working for such a dynamic campaign, and it has been very pleasing to play a part in the organisation’s rapid growth. 

We are now at a stage where our voice cannot be ignored in Westminster.  Government departments, public sector bodies and local councils have been shaken out of a culture of too much complacency, with waste, transparency, the tax burden and the quality (or lack of) of political management now key issues.  It remains a tough and messy fight, with powerful vested interests resisting reform, but one I am confident we can eventually win. 

My replacement as Research Director is the very able Matthew Sinclair.  I am sure the research work of the TPA will go from strength to strength under his direction, and I know exciting projects are underway. 

I want to thank Matthew Elliott, Andrew Allum and everyone at the TPA, and all our thousands of supporters, for making the last two years possible.  I will stay closely in touch, and wish everyone well for the future.

With very best wishes 

Corin Taylor

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