MPs and their skills

The Mail reports today that MPs are struggling to find employment on leaving work:

"The study said employers have little use for former MPs - and some take more than a year to find a job.  Those who do manage to find work often complain that they do not earn as much as they did in Westminster.


A careers advice company cited in the report warned that a high percentage of former MPs 'were commercially unemployable at senior management level'.


A high proportion of those who do find work get places on quangos."

It is pretty clear that in the private sector MPs, with little management experience or really detailed knowledge of a subject, cannot find senior management level employment.  They tend to find jobs by staying in the, less discriminating, public sector.


The top tiers of management in public services are taken up by politicians.  They don't have the right skills and experience for senior management in the private sector, is it any wonder they fail in the public sector?

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