MPs should repay their debts to taxpayers immediately

Responding to the announcement by IPSA that 26 MPs and former MPs owe varying amounts of money to the taxpayer, Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"These MPs and former MPs today named as owing money to IPSA must repay their debts immediately. The lesson of the MPs' expenses scandal was surely that the public rightly expect the very highest standards of probity and integrity when it comes to politicians making claims on the taxpayer.

"If sitting MPs are unwilling to pay what is due, the simple solution would be for the amount to be docked from their next salary payment. Those former MPs who have been named and shamed should also do the honourable thing and pay up - and if they are unwilling to do so, then the obvious sanction would be to remove the parliamentary pass they enjoy as a former member until such as time as their debts to the taxpayer are paid up. "

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