New analysis raises questions of four-day week trial’s success

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New analysis by the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has raised doubts about the claimed success of South Cambridgeshire District Council’s four-day working week trial, as it emerges that key performance indicators (KPIs) are down when compared to before the pandemic.

The campaign group, which was in Cambourne on Tuesday 9th May petitioning against the scheme, has further assessed data that was released by the council in support of extending the trial. According to the TPA, of the 16 KPIs assessed, only five saw an improvement compared to the years before the pandemic. The council claimed that nine saw an improvement relative to 2022.

The TPA also pointed to the fact that only four of twelve monthly KPIs met their targets for all three months.

KPIs that saw declines relative to before the pandemic include important metrics such as the percentage of residents satisfied with repairs and the average time it takes for the council to answer the phone.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance is calling on the council to halt the trial and address poor levels of service delivery, including tackling the chronically low number of staff turning up to the office.



Speaking from Cambourne, South Cambridgeshire, Elliot Keck, investigations campaign manager of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"Local taxpayers are furious at the arrogance of council bosses who are putting ideology ahead of delivery.

“With council key performance indicators down, it’s clear that the services residents rely on are an afterthought in this experiment.

“It’s time to stop the council clock off and get staff back to work.”


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Notes to editors:

  1. Founded in 2004 by Matthew Elliott and Andrew Allum, the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) campaigns to reform taxes and public services, cut waste and speak up for British taxpayers. Find out more at

  2. TaxPayers' Alliance's advisory council.

  3. More information about the campaign, “Stop the Council Clock Off”, can be found here.

  4. Data released by the TaxPayers’ Alliance revealed that SCDC offices had an occupancy rate averaging just six per cent over a seven month period.
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