New branch alert: West Yorkshire TaxPayers' Alliance is launched



    • Taxpayers in West Yorkshire are coming together to fight the year-on-year increases in council tax and national taxes and to hold local councils in West Yorkshire to account for their spending decisions.


    • Excesses in expenditure are causing a backlash in Yorkshire and a regional branch of the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has been established to gather support for the work of TPA nationally, to expand membership and develop local initiatives in the region.


    • The West Yorkshire Branch was recently established following a Public Meeting at the Village Hall in Eldwick near Bradford.



WYTPA Message from the Bernard Stone, Chairman of the West Yorkshire TaxPayers' Alliance:


One of our aims with this brand new branch is to help stamp out waste in local government and stop the constant ratcheting up of council taxes and other taxes.


Even in these difficult economic times one wonders how the authorities manage to think up new ways to spend money.   For example, recently the West Yorkshire Police Authority decided to make a number of additional appointments.   Not more police on the beat, but a team of ‘communicators’ to tell us what a good job our police are doing no doubt!


Only when the authorities see the public determination to take more determined measures against this waste will we begin to see results and we would like see people in Yorkshire supporting the excellent work being carried out by the central team of the TaxPayers’ Alliance.


If you live in West Yorkshire and would like to give us your active support, or, if it is not possible and can only give less active support, please make contact with us via the following ways:


Contact our Secretary Nigel Shaw on his mobile: 07711 768628 or our Chairman Bernard Stone at  3 Grange Park, Roundwood Rd, Baildon, Shipley, BD17 7JY or e-mail: [email protected]


Please also let us know of any friends or contacts who might be interested in helping.  Remember, even if you are unable to get about much there is much you can do to help us from the comfort of you own home with emails and letters.   Further we can keep you up to date with many developments in this field.


All good wishes, Bernard Stone

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