Nice work if you can get it in West Sussex

A TPA supporter has sent us this non-job he found, as well as his response below:




"Considering the state of the finances and services in West Sussex and the ever increasing demand on council tax payers, I was slightly bemused to see the above advertisement in the Sunday Times yesterday.

The advertisement is for a "Director Operations Customer Services", a dynamic new position with a salary of up to £121,000 p.a. plus benefits (Presumably a final salary pension amongst other benefits).

I was also extremely irritated to be referred to as one of 750,000 "Resident customers". I have no choice where to source the few services that we actually use locally and I wish my own company's customer base was as easily sourced!

Whilst I do not want to seem to be whinger, I fail to see how my lot and that of many other local council tax payers, will improve by further unnecessary expenditure by the County Council to "Drive council-wide customer services aimed at raising customer satisfaction with local residents and enhancing the Council's reputation".

I would be pleased to hear the Council's response to the above.

Yours sincerely
John Williams"


John raises some excellent points.  Why are we referred to as ‘customers’?  Customers, I’ve always believed, have their custom, which they can take elsewhere if they dislike a service provided.  We can’t with local government.  It forcibly takes our money and squanders it on non-jobbers using government-gobbledegook to scratch out a reason for their job’s existence.


If you spot any non-job in your local paper – just like John did – email it to us so we can publicise the waste.  We’ve had local papers, which routinely look at our website, pick up the stories we find and print them in their papers before.  So let's drum it home to Britain's taxpayers just how much of our money is being wasted.  In the meantime, give John some support and write to the Chichester Observer telling residents about this shocking waste of taxpayers' money.

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