Non-job of the week

This week’s non-job is rather sobering.  Given the anarchy sweeping the UK, with gangs attacking children and other innocents, the political classes recognise the crisis on our streets.  Calls for more police are one thing.  People recognise that police on the beat cut crime.  A police presence makes our most vulnerable feel safe and secure; free to walk the streets they have every right to be on.  Yet no one is calling for more “community safety coordinators”, bureaucrats with fancy titles whose good intentions feed inaction and ineffectiveness against the scourge of crime on our streets.  Every penny siphoned off to town hall apparatchiks fighting crime with bits of paper behind a desk is one less penny put to frontline policing.  That’s fewer funds to train and employ new police who can fight crime.

Our non-job of the week therefore comes from Hackney council:

Community Safety Co-ordinator

£32,961 - £35,593 p.a. inc.

Hackney Community Safety Team

Hackney Council works in partnership with the local community, the police and other partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.  The Council’s Community Safety Team has an excellent track record of partnership work and crime reduction achievement.

We are now looking to recruit a temporary neighbourhood based Community Safety Co-ordinator to further the successful implementation of the Crime and Disorder Partnership’s crime and disorder reduction programme and to develop the community safety activities in one of our busy neighbourhoods.

Through the Local Government Pension Scheme, the Council offer a generous and competitive final salary scheme


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