Non-job of the week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 11.2.09 From the table opposite showing the number of government jobs on offer, you’d be amazed to hear rumours this morning that unemployment will be confirmed at two million later today.  But alas, that’s unemployment in the engine of our economy, the private sector.  You know, it’s the sector that makes the money that pays the taxes that funds the 519 government jobs on offer today.


Our non-job of the week, however, is a prime example of nannying, meddling big government we can do without.  From Nottinghamshire County Council and forwarded to us by TPA supporter Hamish Stewart, I give you our non-job of the week:


“"Tobacco Alliance Coordinator
£32,380 - £36,730 p.a. (pro rata for job share)


The grading for this post represents a temporary indicative grade and is still subject to formal job evaluation


Ref: ESC/0498/AF


We have an exciting opportunity within our Healthier Communities Service which works with partners to promote health improvement and reduce health inequalities. We require a highly motivated self-starter to help us with progressing on our ambition to reduce smoking and tackle the consequences of smoking across Nottinghamshire. Great strides are being made across Nottinghamshire in reducing smoking rates and supporting the tobacco control agenda, however the problem is far from solved.


As part of a well motivated and experienced team, based at County Hall, West Bridgford, you will be responsible for facilitating collaboration between a variety of organisations, including local authorities and health services, to promote partnership development, networking, lobbying and dissemination of information with regard to the Tobacco Control agenda across Nottinghamshire. This post is jointly funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottinghamshire Primary Care Trust.


Disabled applicants who meet the essential shortlisting requirements will be guaranteed an interview. Job share scheme available. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and we expect all staff to share this commitment and undergo appropriate checks.


If you wish to discuss the position further please contact Cathy Harvey on (0115) 977 3415.


Closing date: 11 February 2009.


Application forms and job descriptions are available on-line at or from the Employee Services Centre via e-mail: [email protected] stating job title and reference number, your name, address and post code. Alternatively, please tel: 0844 9808080 (8am - 8pm Monday - Friday, 8am - 12 noon Saturday).


Minicom available during office hours tel: (01623) 436657.


Nottinghamshire County Council


Equality in Services and Employment"


Nottingham County Council has its own tobacco control agenda, now, does it?  Who do they think they are, the DEA spraying coca fields in South America?  Seriously, this nannying is too much.  Already the NHS has campaigns to make people aware of the dangers of smoking.  It’s there to take or leave.  Warning us is something government does – remember Alvin Stardust telling us all how to cross the road?  What Nottingham county council appears to want to promote a lifestyle, which it has no moral authority to lecture us on. 


That’s my opposition this non-job – it has no moral authority to lecture us on what lifestyle to lead.  If I want to light up when walking home, fine, I will.  I take on board the risks involved, but then there are risks in everything nowadays. 


Also note how this position is also there to lobby.  Private groups lobby.  The TPA lobbies and there's certainly nothing wrong with lobbying.  But why should taxpayers pay for a government lobbyist to lobby government?  Do taxpayers need to pay for a government worker to lobby its own employer?  Obviously not.  Perhaps government needs to create lobbyists for its own trendy causes because no one in the real world will take up such a lost cause.  Whatever reason there is - you shouldn't be paying for it.


If you object to this please email the leader of Nottinghamshire county council Cllr David Kirkham and ask him to explain how this non-job is value for money.

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