Non-job of the week

Another Wednesday, another crop of new jobs in the Society Guardian, and it appears that ‘diversity’ is very much the word of the week.


Peterborough prison service are hiring for a Diversity Manager to keep its staff up to date on the full-range of politically correct dos-and-don’ts with a salary range that stretches as high as £44,894. Is this really the most pressing need facing our prison system in the circumstances? It certainly seems a questionable use of valuable resources.


Winning this week’s non-job though is being recruited for an unnamed South East council:NJ8


"Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer – South East   
Up to £15 per hour


Community Safety Skills currently require an experienced Antisocial Behaviour/ex Police Officer to cover a contract for a busy South East based local authority. The position is for an Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer.
The post holder will be responsible for ensuring the smooth co-ordination of a wide range of Council responsibilities spread over different services. They will therefore need to develop strong links with resource-holders in directorates in order to succeed in delivering these responsibilities, and will not be able to deliver the required outcomes alone.


Specific requirements are to:
1. Secure the recovery of Council-owned land from unauthorised encampment by Gypsy & Travellers by:
• Implementing the Council’s protocol on unauthorised encampments, including coordinating the work of various Council services and external agencies such as Thames Valley Police, the Primary Care Trust, etc
• Receiving, recording and responding to reports/complaints from residents/businesses/councillors/MPs/other agencies/council officers etc of potential and actual unauthorised encampments
• Ensuring that all illegal encampments are administered in accordance with due process of the law and in conformity with government guidance
• Visiting unauthorised encampments to establish and maintain contact with Gypsy & Traveller households, and to notify them that their presence on the land will not be tolerated
• Identifying and assessing (or commissioning the assessment of) the health, welfare and educational needs of any vulnerable members of those households
• Ensuring that Gypsies & Traveller households are directed towards appropriate health, welfare and educational services as required, and/or that such help is directed to them as required
• Ensuring that Gypsies & Travellers understand and respect the rights of Reading’s permanent residents and businesses
• Ensuring that Reading’s permanent residents and businesses understand and respect the rights of Gypsies & Travellers
• Ensuring that residents/businesses/councillors/MPs/other agencies/council officers are kept informed of actions to end problems arising from unauthorised encampments and recover possession of the land
• Gathering and evaluating evidence to support legal action by the Council to recover possession of its land
• Recommending to the Head of Legal Services (or other authorised officer of the Council) the earliest possible point at which Court proceedings may be begun with a positive expectation of success, taking into account all relevant evidence
• Enforcing the subsequent eviction of Gypsy and Traveller households as necessary
• Arranging for vacated land to be cleared and re-secured as necessary
2. Monitor and review the effectiveness of the Unauthorised Encampment protocol, and develop it as necessary
3. Protect Council-owned land from unauthorised encampment by advising on, and arranging for, suitable security measures to be taken
4. Liaise with other relevant authorities on all matters relating to Gypsies & Travellers, including (but not limited to) unauthorised encampments.
5. Advise private land-owners of their rights and obligations in respect of the eviction of Gypsies & Travellers
6. Advise officers and Members on all legislation and best practice relating to Gypsies & Travellers
7. Contribute significantly to the development and implementation of a Gypsies & Travellers Strategy"

And so the proliferation of demographic-specific local authority posts continues at a cost to taxpayers...

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