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Guardian_nonjobs_9708A new feature to the non-job of the week – which you can see on the right – is that I’ll be listing the number of jobs and salary bands each week so you can see the scale of jobs advertised for local and central government that all come out of the taxpayer purse.  Hopefully it will put the problem into perspective. 


In 2009 local government in certain areas of the country will be transformed.  Some will see new super-councils, with county councils becoming unitary councils and the abolition of smaller districts.  What I’ve also started to notice is, unsurprisingly, these new councils are seeking new staff, at a whopping great cost to the taxpayer.  You’ll know that each year we produce a Town Hall Rich List, detailing the officials earning over £100,000 in each Council.  These new councils will undoubtedly make the list twice as long, and you’ll see why with these jobs from the new Central Bedfordshire Council:


Director of Children, Families and Learning; Director of Adults, Health and Housing; Director of Corporate Resources


Central Bedfordshire Council


All jobs up to £140k


Our journey's just begun


Bedfordshire is changing. Formerly run by a single county council, from 2009 it will be under the stewardship of two new, all-purpose unitary councils - Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council. Together, they're embarking on a new journey - one that will bring tangible improvements to services and substantial housing and population growth. To spearhead this exciting transformation, we're looking to fill the following senior roles.


All roles require relevant, senior level public sector experience.


For further information and details on how to apply for all posts, please visit


Almost half-a-million pounds for only 3 jobs that you’re paying for.  Astonishing.

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