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SmallbluebinLast week Tower Shamlets council was exposed by the Centre for Social Cohesion for stocking its PUBLIC libraries with Islamic fundamentalist literature.  Not only was taxpayer’s money spent on books by Abu Hamza, the convicted fundamentalist, but that there were disproportionately more fundamentalist texts than moderate books.  So you’ve got to laugh when Tower Shamlets council advertise for our non-job of the week: a “Hate Crime Policy and Partnership Manager”.


Tower Shamlets council ‘prides’ itself on equalities and community cohesion yet stocks its libraries with books aiming to set one community against another.  Perhaps the library fiasco has compelled the council to recruit someone to “further develop our hate crime strategy”.  I doubt it.  In a borough so wrapt in political correctness, they daren’t challenge (or offend) the real forces of hate brewing beneath the surface that, as the Centre for Social Cohesion found, are having their propaganda publicised with taxpayers money.


So our highly paid, taxpayer funded, ineffective non-job of the week, straight from the Guardian, comes from Tower Shamlets council:


Hate Crime Policy and Partnership Manager
£39,738 - £42,231


Tower Hamlets is a distinctive, unique London Borough that is home to a diverse, vibrant, multicultural community.  The Council has a strong commitment to equalities and community cohesion, having achieved level 5 of the Equalities Standard and Beacon Status for promoting racial equality and community cohesion.  We are working hard to make the Borough a better place for living safely, with a strong partnership approach to reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime.  We have taken an integrated approach to tackling all forms of hate crime which is a priority in our Crime and Drugs Reduction Strategy.


We are seeking a committed manager to further develop our hate crime strategy.  You will have a clear vision for building a coordinated response to all forms of hate crime, comprehensive working knowledge of legislation, policy and best practice in the field of equalities and hate crime, a proven track record in designing and delivering partnership projects and strategies with diverse communities, political sensitivity and strong communication, influencing and leadership skills.


If you have the skills, experience and determination to make a difference and want to work in a mature partnership environment with a strong commitment to tackling hate crime and building community cohesion we look forward to hearing from you.”


Is it just me or are they talking about a completely different place?  Tower Shamlets is a mismanaged borough where the authorities haven’t a clue what’s going on.  So let the people know, let the lions governed by donkeys know what is going on, that the council turn a blind eye to Islamic fundamentalism whilst spending taxpayers money on the wasteful gesture of a job advertised above.  Write to:


Letters Editor
The Tower Hamlets Recorder
182 - 184 High Street North,
E6 2JD,
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected] (specify that the letter is for the Tower Hamlets Recorder letters page)


And the leader of Tower Shamlets council, Denise Jones, at:


Cllr. Denise Jones
Leadership Office
Mulberry Place
5 Clove Crescent
London, E14 2BG


Tel:  0207 364 4993
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

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