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SmallbluebinMelting ice caps?  Drought?  Global Warming?  Fear not because Southwark Council are coming to the rescue.  Feel free to roll your eyes at yet another local government non-job using taxpayers’ money to appease a guilty conscience.


Southwark Council this week have four jobs aimed at ‘tackling’ climate change.  I use inverted commas precisely because these jobs will hardly tackle climate change.  More likely these jobs will preach from Al Gore’s green handbook all the while diverting scarce resources from frontline services, listed on the Southwark Council website as street cleaning, flood defence etc. 


Previously we’ve had these green jobs as our non-job of the week because local government won’t stop greenhouse emissions or the like when China is building a coal power station every week. 


So our non-job of the week comes from Southwark council:


Sustainable Learning Manager
£27,807 - £32,961


Are you ready to conduct detailed analysis and drive high profile projects against climate change? Can you build on the track record established by our Energy Team?


Leading and inspiring a number of Sustainable Services Officers, you will bring our Education for Sustainable Development Strategy to life. This will involve overseeing educational provision within schools, building positive relationships with Junior Streetleaders and “Young Friends Of…” groups and engaging young people from every walk of life to share your passion for environmental issues. So as you can imagine, we need a real self-starter with a great personality and the ability to devise learning experiences that are fun, involving and closely linked to the National Curriculum.


Working with communities, hard to reach groups and external agencies should be second nature to you, and you will be capable of producing world class publicity material, managing high profile initiatives and controlling significant budgets. Most importantly, you’re an innate leader with everything it takes to encourage recycling, responsible waste management and the cultivation of biodiversity – and you’re ready to make your mark from day one.”


Just for comparison sake, a band D property in Southwark pays £1,180.94 council tax a year.  Are you in Southwark, are you getting value for money?  Let us know by leaving a comment below or contacting us.


Also get involved, write to the Southwark local paper and tell them we want our money put to local services, not green ‘education’:


Please send your letters by:
Post: Unit A302, Tower Bridge Business Complex, Clement's Road, London, SE16 4DG
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 020 7237 1578
All letters should include a street address.

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