Non-job of the Week

Smallbluebin When Islington Council has in the past been responsible for such bright wheezes as using £400,000 of taxpayers’ money to clean up graffiti and then offering free classes to local teenagers in graffiti techniques, and employing a Recycling Education Officer at £30,000 a year, it is not necessarily surprising that they are in need of a large public relations campaign to appease the overburdened taxpayer footing the bill for this politically correct madness. 


So Islington is advertising today for this week’s non-job:


Head of Contact Islington
Up to £67,500




..We also want to make sure our staff have everything they need to deliver first class customer service, so information technology, and making the best use of it, is also very important to us.




You’ll take on the challenge of achieving these goals, and develop future plans for this high profile, high quality service. You’ll need to be a strong leader with an excellent track record in customer services, the ability to collaborate with people at all levels, and to inspire and motivate those around you. You’ll be keen to make an impact from day one, deliver results and continue Contact Islington’s success.


If you are sick of footing the bill not only for the politically correct madness of the council but also the spin used to cover it up, then let the council know.  They can be reached at:


Contact Islington
222 Upper Street
N1 1XR


And the local papers at:


Islington Gazette


Editor:  Tony Allcock


161 Tottenham Lane,
N8 9BU,
United Kingdom


Email: [email protected]


Islington Tribune


Editor: Eric Gordon


40 Camden Road,
NW1 9DR,
United Kingdom


Email: [email protected]

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