Non-job of the Week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 22.1.09 This week’s non-job of the week comes from Liverpool City Council, you know, the one with the gaping hole in its finances and yet still spent your money on a model of a giant spider:


Assistant to the Leader of the Labour Group
£24,331 - £25,940


To join a dedicated team in providing high quality support and advice to the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, other members, officers of the authority and members of the public. As the Assistant to the Leader of the Labour Group you will directly support the Leader of the Group operating within a high profile environment.


The ideal candidate will have supervisory skills, be able to develop staff, do research, maintain confidentiality, deal with sensitive / political issues, teamwork and meet deadlines.  They should be able to work under pressure.  Be able to liaise with Elected Members and external organisations, write clear concise reports and have good organisational skills.”


How many times must we say this:  No state funding of political parties.  We’re currently not bankrolling their election expenses and whatnot, but these political assistants researchers at local councils are the first step towards it and need to go.  Liverpool’s finances are shot to pieces precisely because of a lackadaisical attitude towards spending restraint, as this job shows.  Will this job mean someone gets their bin emptied quicker, grass cut sooner or street swept more often?  No, unless, like Cheltenham council, Liverpool gives their staff paid time off to volunteer.  


The leader of the Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, Monster Raving Loony Party group on Nowhere Borough Council shouldn’t need officers and advisors and nor should they anywhere, especially in a recession when we're all having to cut back. 


Still, we encourage you to ask the leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Joe Anderson, to oppose spending your money on his own office assistants.  You can email him here.

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