Non-job of the week

Do you remember the Future Shape Programme Manager from North East Lincolnshire Council? If you haven't heard about this non-job or would like reminding, take a look at this clip.

Many councils around the country have been following suit. I constantly see vacancies for change managers, and have highlighted many of them. Now Walsall Council is doing the same. This council is looking for a Smarter Workplaces Programme Manager - a nice variation on the same theme.

I wonder how long it took someone to think it up? Or was it a group decision, after senior officers went for an away day, thrashing out ideas they felt they couldn't do in the office? Never mind, I'm sure Walsall Council will have a similar excuse as other councils have for employing someone on £66,067-£74,799.  Here's the job description.

Walsall Council’s Smarter Workplace programme will deliver significant savings and cultural change through the modernisation of the council’s workplace and the implementation of the new council operating model. The programme manager will provide visionary and inspirational change leadership. Reporting to the Executive Director for Regeneration (the Senior Responsible Officer for the Smarter Workplaces Programme) you will lead, champion and deliver the Smarter Workplace strategy and proactively monitor its overall progress and ensure successful delivery.

I wish I had a pound for every time a council has said if it didn't pay large salaries to senior staff, they would go elsewhere. We are told they are so valuable; have great multitasking skills; are fantastic organisers; and deliver low cost, efficient services. If this is so, why does Walsall Council need a Smarter Workplaces Programme Manager? Or is it trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

If you are a resident of Walsall, and would like to know why your council is spending £75K on this post, why not write to your councillor? You can also write a letter to your local newspaper. Do let me know what you response you get, and I will highlight it for the benefit of all our supporters.

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