Non-job of the week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 29.1.09 This week’s non-job handed into us by a supporter comes from Sandwell Council:


Director of Strategy & Community Engagement


You will provide strategic and creative leadership on business planning, policy development and research and lead on a range of areas critical to the delivery of a holistic regeneration programme, including economic development, community cohesion and community engagement.”


I think our supporter said it all when she pointed out that as the recession means people are facing pay cuts and even job losses, councils should not be applying for non-jobs like this.  Councillors engage with the community, there are already directorates at the council for regeneration and, I dare say, community cohesion.  Clearly this is just a job to replicate work already done, so far away from the front line and at such a high cost to Sandwell’s taxpayers.


We urge you to ask Sandwell's council leader, Cllr William Thomas, and demand that the council stop its spending on non-jobs and get into the real economy like the rest of us.  You can contact Cllr. Thomas here: [email protected]

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