Non-job of the week

Recently we published a report on Green Jobs in town halls exposing just how much taxpayers’ money is being wasted on green bureaucrats.  Islington featured prominently, as well as Tower Shamlets, in taking taxpayers’ money and wasting it on green gesture politics.

So, true to form, Islington council yet again advertise for a job wasting more of your money.  This week we give you our Guardian non-job of the week:

Recycling Education Officer
30 Hours Per Week
£28,536 - £30,030 Pro Rata

Based at the i-recycle centre, our innovative and award winning, interactive recycling education centre, you will assist the Recycling Education Centre Manager in achieving national and local objectives in reducing and recycling waste by establishing and delivering a programme of continuous learning for all schools and residents in Islington.

You will have a minimum of one year’s experience of working with young people or a teaching qualification.  A minimum of one year’s experience of working in a waste/recycling environment is desirable.

You will also be inspiring, motivated and full of ideas and will form part of a larger team that prides itself on its record on recycling and waste minimisation.”

We don’t decry moves to increase efficiency and recycling as long as it gives taxpayers value for money.  Having more binmen on the frontline sorting through rubbish for recyclable goods is a way of directly solving the problem on the ground.  Placing more recycle bins in the community so people have easier access to recycling facilities is also another way of enabling recycling.  But Islington council’s insistence that scarce council funds go from frontline services and be diverted to employing more bureaucrats draining taxpayers’ money is bizarre in the extreme, especially when faced with practical alternatives.

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