Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinTough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.  It sounded good at the time, no?  Read our non-job of the week at Southwark Council and see if the sentiment exists in local government:


Family Intervention Project Keyworker


£22,638- £27,723


Fixed term contract until March 2011


Our Family Intervention Project has the vital role of intensively supporting families at risk of losing their housing tenancies through antisocial behaviour. We've had some major successes over the past year, and you will help us take things to the next level as you undertake individual and family work, and act to support families thorough profound change. Experienced in working with children and young people within statutory or voluntary settings, you will be capable of assessing complex needs, creating detailed written reports and implementing plans to bring about lasting change. Reference: 418-CS-08.


To find out more visit


Closing date: 28 May 2008.


Southwark Council”




Intensively supporting families at risk of losing their housing tenancies through antisocial behaviour”?  Aren’t councils meant to deter antisocial behaviour and use the stick of tenancy withdrawal to try and get some law and order back in our communities?  If a feral family is making their neighbours' lives a misery day and night, you want them out and not pandered to by some sandal-wearing council do-gooder making a cushy living off your money.  It defies belief that Southwark Council - providing social housing - is actually intent on bending over backwards to keep antisocial families in housing that should be there for those who genuinely need the safety net and, I'm sure, would show some gratitude and social responsibility in return.


When are the authorities going to take law and order seriously?  To the media and the public, the politicians roll off hard-hitting rhetoric.  Yet the reality is that councils are advertising for jobs like this when they should be using our money to provide law abiding taxpayers with quality services at the cheapest price.  Until the British people dig around and see where their money is going, councils like Southwark are going to get away with this sort of bleeding-heart PC nonsense with taxpayers money.    

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