Non-job of the week

There is no lull on the non-jobs front this week, and though there’s a tangible reduction in the number of vacancies on offer, we’re still finding the sort of non-vital - and in some instances, plain barmy - roles that really need to go if government are to make savings.Nj14


Salford City Council are under the same pressures as all local authorities, but they’ve clearly decided to prioritise their image as they advertise for ‘a number’ of ‘Marketing, communication and press and PR posts’ on the Guardian jobsite today.  They’re apparently concerned with ‘reputation enhancing’, so Salford residents will be paying out for spin they can’t afford just to remind themselves how great the council are. But with £39m of cuts needed over the next three years we should really be questioning whose best interests this new recruitment drive is in – surely not the taxpayers who’ll be shelling out for the very wool that’s being pulled over their eyes..?


And speaking of skewed priorities, on the website North West Leicestershire District Council are hiring two new part-time Equality and Diversity Officers (£11,110 - £12,736) to make sure their PC agenda is right up to date, and Elmbridge Borough Council are after an Arts Development Officer (£11,827 - £13,911) to cultivate and co-ordinate what comes naturally anyway (alongside the usual bilge about contributing to the '2012 Cultural Olympiad').


This week’s non-job, however, is being advertised by Brighton & Hove City Council, who appear to have lost all sense of perspective (and possibly their minds) in their efforts to be trendy. This authority are preparing to cut 200 jobs and have to save a steep £45m over the next three years to keep their heads above water. Yesterday’s Daily Mail revealed how they’ve spent £300k on consultants advising them on how to save’s a pity they didn’t tell them to chop away nonsense like this:


Skate Park Development Worker
£22221 - £23708 per annum


Hours: Part-time, 12 hour per week
Salary: Pro-rata 


This exciting role will co-ordinate and develop a programme of activities and events at Hove Lagoon skate park, and linking with other skate park sites across the city. The work will seek to increase participation and accessibility by linking with other organisations and Hove Lagoon skate park, ensuring that all activities are delivered efficiently and safely, supporting the needs of young people and supporting volunteering and community relations.
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Who’d have thought that building and maintaining a skate park would become such a complex and expensive thing? Why can’t Brighton & Hove City Council just leave young people to it? Skate advisers, skate supervisors and now a skate development worker. Unnecessary, costly and with few beneficiaries – what an insult to taxpayers who are struggling and council workers facing redundancy.

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