Non-job of the week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 15.4.09 You can apply for any number of the 426 jobs on offer in government this week.  You can see a breakdown of sector and salary bands in the table on the right taken from the Guardian jobs website.


Our non-job of the week comes from Surrey County Council:


Publicity Manager
£40,000 - £50,000


We need a creative and motivated person to run high profile campaigns that really make a difference for people in Surrey.


Combine experience with a new, fresh and proactive approach to communications – and you could be our new Publicity Manager.


If you are interested in joining the award-winning communications team at Surrey County Council, we would like to hear form you.”


Yes, the ad did say “form you”


£50k for a spin doctor is just unacceptable.  Surrey County Council has produced yet another council tax hike while their top brass enjoy £10,000 booze ups at the taxpayers’ expense and now squander taxpayers’ money with this non-job.


The council leader is Nick Skellett.  Please advise him that a council tax cut would provide better publicity than a spin doctor.

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