Non-job of the week

This week’s Guardian treasure-trove comes up with a gem of a non-job.  Charnwood borough council has advertised for a ‘director of change management’.  Paying this non-jobber £69,000 a year for ‘change’ not only means constant change within the council but highlights that something isn’t right in the first place.  If they couldn’t get things right at the first instance, what makes them think they’ll get it right with this new non-jobber complete with public sector pension, running costs and a bureaucracy to call their own?  Councils should focus on service delivery and not pointless reoganisation leading to more waste and inefficiency.  So, for your displeasure, the non-job of the week:

"Director of Change Management


Don't just live through change.

Shape it.

Based Loughborough, Leicestershire

It's easy to be the person who merely points out the shortcomings of the status quo. But what marks you out is your ability to go further, to envision a fundamentally changed future; to challenge, to persuade, and to achieve tangible results that surprise and inspire those around you. Charnwood BC has moved rapidly towards setting the benchmark in the planning and provision of innovative quality services. But the next phase is critical. The senior position is designed for ambitious, results-focused strategic managers who nonetheless have a good grip on the realities of excellent daily service delivery.

You'll provide clear direction, listening to the business and identifying new opportunities for effective working. Encouraging new thinking and driving change for the better, your influence will be felt across the organisation, on all corporate and operational matters relating to the Council's aims and objectives. You'll also be responsible for a high-performing, multi-disciplined directorate which underpins the Council. With an all-rounder's perspective (but possibly a talent for people or policy issues), your background is less important to us than a track record of delivering practical but ambitious change programmes, where your influence and skill made the decisive difference."

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