Non-job of the week

Many more public sector jobs on the Guardian site today, with the vast majority sitting in around the £30-£50k salary mark. Under the ‘regional development’ category we have adverts for an ‘Excellence Network Co-ordinator’ and a ‘Cultural Broker’ but it’s back to local government for this week’s non-job of theNj1 week.


Knowledge and Research Manager
 Up to £43,360


This is an exciting new role within Sheffield City Council to lead on knowledge, research and information for the authority, including developing the Council's Geographical Information capability.


During a challenging period for local government, this role will lead a small, newly-formed team charged with helping Sheffield City Council use the information it holds about the city and its communities to take robust, well evidenced decisions.


Successful candidates will be highly motivated individuals, with excellent teamwork and leadership skills, used to working in a fast-paced environment and managing a heavy workload. An excellent understanding of the local government policy environment, as well as project management and analytical skills will be vital for the role.”


A new role within a new team? Really? Potentially there’s a pretty decent salary up for grabs here too.


Such new posts should always lead us to question where exactly has this knowledge/information been coming from until now? And is this from the same council that’s recently had to shell out as much as £6m in redundancy payments as reported at the end of last month?


Whilst most local authorities are keenly eyeing the books,  looking for ways to lessen the burden of payroll it really is astonishing to see Sheffield Council creating new teams and more backroom positions.

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