Non-job of the Week

Guardian non-jobs 2009 4.2.09 Plenty of government jobs on offer this week, folks, as you can see from the Guardian's table opposite.  We'll be running these tables weekly so you can see how much the government is advertising for positions to increase the size of government.  More to the point, notice how an overwhelming majority of government jobs on offer are paid more than average earnings.  We're still waiting for government to live within its means and end its profligate spending.  This week's non-job - over four times average earnings - comes from the Falkland Island Government:


"Legislative Drafter




Unique Opportunity In The Falkland Islands


Beautiful coastlines, wide open spaces, big skies with stunning sunsets, accessible wildlife, 4x4 driving. This is the Falkland Islands. If you relish the prospect of working in an environment where people matter and all your abilities will be utilised, then this could be the opportunity for you.


Applications are invited for the position of Legislative Drafter in the Attorney General's Chambers, Falkland Islands Government. The Attorney General's Chambers consists of an establishment of five qualified Lawyers, including the Attorney General and three members of support staff.


Duties of the post include:


• Drafting primary and subsidiary legislation as requested by the Attorney General


• Providing drafting advice to Legislative and Executive Councils, Government departments, committees and working groups


• Assisting in keeping the laws of the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands under review


• Under take consultation exercises with regard to proposals for the enactment of new laws and the amendment and repeal of existing laws


• Preparing Executive Council papers with regard to proposed legislation


• Instructing and liaising with external contract drafters


• Assisting in the process of improving drafting practices and procedures in the Attorney General's Chambers


Applicants must be a Solicitor or Barrister with at least seven years' post qualification experience. The applicant must have been admitted or called in the United Kingdom, Ireland or a Commonwealth country.


Completed applications to be returned by: Thursday 19th February 2009.


An information pack and application form can be obtained from: Recruitment Officer, Falkland Islands Government Office, Falkland House, 14 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1H 0BH, Tel: 020 7222 2542, Fax: 020 7222 2375, Email: [email protected]"


At a time when City law firms are shedding staff, why is there a need for such a generous pay package?  In the recession, we can't afford to pay such plush salaries - as we say time and time again with regard to council chief executives.  More to the point, this job is sold on the basis that Rumpole of the Falklands will spend his days strolling on the beach and taking photos of the local wildlife.  That's not exactly selling the job as a public service, is it?  Furthermore, this country - and that includes the Falklands - lives under too many laws.  One more lawyer to write laws and add more onto the statute book is another opportunity for our freedoms to be taken away by our government.


It's crucial for our economy to rebound that government lives within its means.  If you're fed up seeing your taxes go to fund non-jobbers and middle management who take money away from you in taxes and resources from the frontline, then go here to ask your councillor and MP to pressure the government to end the bureaucratic expansion of local government.  People pressure works - without it MPs would still be able to keep their expenses hidden from the public.

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