Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinHere we are again.  Another week passes us by and we find another local government non-job wasting your money, a job that needn’t exist because it is either done in the voluntary sector or could be done by another government department or body.  The latter is the focus of this week’s non job and here it is from Coventry City Council:


Archivist_small_3Crime Reduction Co-ordinator
£37,543 - £42,332


A specialist on crime and disorder issues, you will support the development of policies and strategies to reduce crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.


An excellent understanding of statutory requirement and good practice in relation to community safety and experience of managing people and finances will be vital.”


I said this here, and I will say it again:  Bureaucrats sat behind a desk do not cut crime.  You want a crime reduction strategy, then here’s one – put more police on the beat.  A police presence cuts crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.  Simple.


To add insult to injury this bureaucrat will get paid more than a starting police constable and even an experienced police sergeant.  Is it no wonder the police are furious at being denied a pay increase when the government mandate councils to employ these types of officers who can’t have anything near the effect to reduce crime as an on-the-beat policeman can.


So, hopefully you’re riled enough to get campaigning on this.  There’s a selection of ways you can hold Coventry City Council to account on this one.  First you can contact Cllr Tony O’Neill, the Deputy Leader of the Council who also happens to be cabinet member for Value for Money, and ask him whether taxpayers’ are getting value for money from a high paid bureaucrat rather than an on-the-beat policeman.  You can ask Cllr Andy Matchett, Cabinet member for Community Safety, whether a bureaucrat can reduce crime and fear of crime better than a visible police presence.  Finally you can write to the local Coventry newspapers and raise the issue with Coventry’s taxpayers:


The Coventry Telegraph
Corporation Street,
West Midlands,
CV1 1FP,
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]


The Coventry Observer
4 The Quadrant,
CV1 2EL,
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]


If you're successful and get any responses, do email them to me so I can keep track of our campaign activity.  Your action can always spur potential TPA activists to take up the campaign themselves and get involved.  We need your help on this one, folks!

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