Non-job of the week

Guardian non-jobs 10.12.08 This week’s non-job comes from Hackney council:


Sport and Physical Activity Development Officer - Football


£34,605 - £37,368 p.a. inc.


The 2012 Olympics will be a landmark here in Hackney. We see them as an ideal opportunity to create a long-term legacy for all our residents, as we invest in some very exciting projects, including the dcouncils - join us and make a difference in Hackney and expect to be stretched and stimulated every evelopment of a new sports development team, leisure facilities and pre-Olympic training camps that meet the highest international standards. The excitement is enormous and we're ready to do whatever it takes to build on our new three star status and reputation as one of London's fastest improving day.


Focused on the health and well-being of the community, you will manage and deliver multiple community sport and physical activity programmes targeted at populations that traditionally have low participation rates.


What's more, you will co-ordinate Hackney teams for the London Youth Games and other Inter Borough Events in partnership with internal and external organisations.


Strong operations, planning, project co-ordination skills and fund-raising skills, along with an understanding of the sports and physical activity policy framework will be essential.


You'll also bring considerable experience of managing session staff and contracted organisations, and supporting voluntary sectors sports organisations.


Quote ref: CS338.


Interview date: 28 January 2009.


To find out more about these opportunities, please contact Binnie Crookes, Head of Service on 020 8356 2032.


For further information and to apply, please visit Alternatively, please call Tribal on 0845 313 3140, quoting the relevant reference.


Closing date for the post: 9 January 2009.


Through the Local Government Pension Scheme, the Council offer a generous and competitive final salary scheme.


Encouraging Diversity and Promoting Talent






This non-job stands as a prime example of the Nanny State.  If people want to get active and play sports they can.  You don’t need a government plan to go for a run.  You don’t need a council officer to get you out of bed in the morning to play football.  So why does Hackney need to spend £40k of taxpayers’ money to get people into sport?  And before we get the comments defending the council waste and inefficiency, the voluntary sector already provides sporting services for people who want to get involved.  It’s immoral for the government to squander taxpayers’ money as they do routinely.  It’s doubly immoral for the government to try and mooch in on ground the voluntary sector occupies at an excellent standard already. 

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