Non-job of the week

Many of the non-jobs that we cover in this weekly slot are being hired by local government, but of course it’s not just our councils haemorrhaging money and frittering our cash on needless jobsworths. This week’s ‘winner’ proves that, in fact, priorities are skewed throughout the public sector. Nj12


Media & Corporate Communications Manager
£36,954 - £39,729 pa plus casual car user allowance


Durham Constabulary, acknowledged for more than a decade as one of the best-run forces in the country, is looking for an experienced press and public relations professional with a proven track record.
You will lead a small specialist team tasked with producing material that positively raises trust and confidence in the police service and reaches the widest possible audience.


Durham Constabulary is currently one of the top forces in the country for public trust and confidence and it will be your challenge to raise this further through the use of modern and innovative communication methods.


It is expected applicants will be educated to at least HND Level or equivalent e.g. hold the National Council for the Training of Journalists’ NCE (the national certificate examination formerly known as the proficiency test.)


At least 3 years management experience together with a minimum of 5 years relevant professional work experience in media relations, marketing and modern communication methods is required.


You will have advanced literacy and communication skills, writing press releases and drafting press statements on a regular basis. You will offer media advice at all levels, lead at major incidents, organise press conferences and take part in force training. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all corporate internal and external communication is co-ordinated and delivered through your team.


The successful applicant will have a sharp news sense, first-class writing skills and an ability to communicate tactfully and confidently. Enhanced computer/keyboard skills are required.


As you will be involved in an out-of-hours call-out rota, a full current driving licence or access to a means of mobility support is essential and a car user allowance is payable.


Applicants who are shortlisted, will be invited to attend for interview & presentation”.


Isn’t it a fairly established point that there are two main things that ‘raise trust and confidence in the police service’ – low crime rates and visible bobbies on the beat? These two things make us feel safer because well…it means we are safer, on the other hand an experienced spin doctor might make us feel that way too whilst the reality could be quite different. 


Still, a nice salary and nice car allowance comes as part and parcel of making us all feel safer. It’s always worth noting in these cases just what a chasm there is between the pay of such flashy non-jobbers and that of the useful frontline staff we all pay for. A PC just taking up his post will be paid £22,680…

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