Non-job of the week

I remember working in an office where stickers were placed underneath the light switches reminding staff to turn off the lights if they didn't need to be on. Managers would also occasionally turn them off when they felt it was still light enough to work.

Energy consumption was also reduced by turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees. No-one really noticed, however bills were significantly lower. Turning a computer off when you are out of the office is another way of lowering bills. Simple measures that don't require a BSc in Carbon Reduction.

Of course these days you can also use smart meters that give real time information on your energy use. When the Windsor and Maidenhead Council installed these in council buildings energy consumption fell overnight by 15 per cent. 

Perhaps Conwy County Borough Council should be reminded of these things before they hire an Energy Officer. According to the job advert the successful applicant will need:

    • a keen interest in energy conservation matters and an ability to motivate others to understand their role in reducing energy consumption??


    • to be proactive in raising awareness of practical conservation measures, recommending energy consumption saving projects whilst ensuring that all undertakings comply with Local Government legislation and statutory requirements.


    • to have the ability undertake comprehensive energy audits in order to identify and make cost recommendations for potential savings


    • advise on appropriate technical solutions in conjunction with technical officers, and provide advice on improvements to the fabric of buildings in line with Conwy County Borough Council, Welsh Assembly and EU guidance

After reading that you can imagine bored council workers sitting through a seminar as the Energy Officer launches their latest consumption saving project.

None of this is rocket science. It's what people do at home every day of the week as the cost of gas, oil and electricity continues to rise. If Conwy Council wants to reduce costs, don't hire an Energy Officer. Buy a few smart meters instead.

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