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SmallbluebinTwo things stand out in this week’s non-job.  The first is the proliferation of ‘welfare rights’ advisors and other local government apparatchiks who are paid generous amounts to explain to people how to claim benefits.  This raises the question of whether councils are actively pursuing take-up of benefits and that when people do need to go on benefits, the system is too complex to give essential relief to those in greatest need.


A simple system of benefits, such as in Charles Murray’s plan to give each taxpayer a lump sum to deal with their own welfare, would erase the need for employing bureaucrats to ‘manage’ welfare provision.


To add insult to injury, Salford taxpayers are funding a bureaucrat to only deal with a minority of the community.  How is that for value for money?  Salford taxpayers put into the pot to pay for services they all expect.  Yet when the council decide on service provision they use taxpayers’ money to fund extra services for the Urdu and Punjabi community.  This isn’t an attack on minorities, but it is a severe condemnation of liberal-left do-gooders wilfully wasting taxpayers’ money and dividing communities.


So, with all the anger and disgust generated from this week’s Guardian Society pages, we give you our non-job of the week from Salford Council:


Welfare Rights Linkworker (Urdu/Punjabi)
Welfare Rights and Debt Advice Service


£18, 450 – £24, 708 p.a.


You’ll provide welfare rights advice and case-work together with advice/practical assistance to the Urdu/Punjabi speaking communities in Salford in accessing local services.  This would include telephone advice, home visits, advice sessions, talks to local groups and general benefit take-up work.


A knowledge of the basic rules for means-tested, non-means tested and disability benefits as well as tax credits is essential.  The ability to communicate sympathetically and effectively in Urdu, Punjabi and English is also essential.  A detailed knowledge of the social security system, an ability to represent at social security tribunals and beyond, an ability to train and an understanding of local authorities, health services and adult social care in particular would be a significant advantage.


You should be able to work on your own, as well as part of a team, whilst being committed to the promotion of anti-poverty and social inclusion work.


The post carries an entitlement to an Essential Car User’s Allowance


If you’re outraged at this waste of money, then get involved!  You can write to the local Salford Advertiser expressing exasperation at the constant waste of taxpayers’ money going on in our town halls.  The address for their letters page is:


Letters Editor
The Salford Advertiser and Salford City Reporter
30 Church Street,
M30 0DF,


Or you can email a letter in to: [email protected]


It’s time we stood up and made our voice heard against these non-jobs.  Do get involved so people know there is a movement out there standing up for lower taxation and responsible, better government.

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