Non-job of the week

ClownsBraintree borough council has disgraced itself today.  Their advert in this morning’s Guardian Society jobs page for a ‘Climate Change Manager’ is blank save for two sentences and the council logo.  It measures 13cms x 19cms and has barely anything in it.  The ad boasts that it’s ‘saved ink’ but it’s wasted taxpayers’ money on a blank advert.


My guess is that some over-promoted advertising halfwit thought it would be a good idea to advertise this job using empty space.  How very post-modern... 


This is what Braintree’s taxpayers’ money is going to.  Your Council Tax went up and all you got was an empty page.  They may as well have thrown the money down the drain for what this entire ad is worth, let alone that it’s an advert for another climate change non-job.






SmallbluebinClimate Change Manager


£34,542 - £38,556


A very exciting opportunity has arisen for a Climate Change Manager at Braintree Council.


Delivering the kind of changes we're aiming for will take a special kind of person. The odd trip to the bottle bank won't be enough. We're looking for someone who has real passion for all things environmental and the ability to get other people involved in taking positive action.


Your first challenge will be enthusing those around you about the benefits of thinking green. Because whilst we're already doing a great deal to improve our environmental responsibility, as an organisation, we could be doing more. So it'll be your job to educate and motivate your colleagues, giving them all the understanding they need to start making changes to the way they live and work.


You'll also lead a range of climate change initiatives that'll see you engage local communities in a variety of ways and encourage them to take responsibility for reducing the impact they have on the environment. And by working closely with everyone from community representatives to senior level Council members, you'll help ensure both local and national climate change performance indicators are met, if not exceeded. With your help, we'll set the kind of example that other boroughs will want to follow.


This role clearly requires a great deal of knowledge and understanding when it comes to environmental science, legislation, guidance and practice. It also requires experience in environmental management, promotion and climate change issues. But most crucially, this role needs someone who can turn innovative ideas into effective action, and plan, develop, manage and deliver projects that'll benefit the environment both close to home and further afield.”


Aside from the blank advert, costing thousands of pounds, the job itself is more of the same from local government.  Where they could cut taxes and attract business (saving on commuting) whilst creating incentives for green behaviour, they find it better to employ another drain on borough finances – which this job is.


For those interested, also check out our green jobs report we published back in 2007.  Furthermore, it's also worth contacting Braintree Borough Council's leader - Graham Butland, the Cabinet member for the Environment - Roger Walters and the cabinet member for resources - Michael Lager.  Please ask them what value a blank advert and a redundant non-job brings to the over-taxed residents of Braintree.

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