Non-job of the week

Guardian_nonjobs_3908Today unemployment statistics have reached a 16 year high.  So government’s solution must be to cram as many into government jobs as possible and remain completely oblivious to the problems of packing the unprofitable sector and leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill.  As you’ll see from the table on the right, local government vacancies have doubled in a week.


I can assure you that today’s non-job certainly won’t be music to your ears.  Here’s the advert from Hertfordshire County Council:


Head of Participation and Inclusion
£38,729 - £42,197 pa incl


Try telling that to a group of young people whose only relationship with music is via a piece of wire fitted snugly into the ear. Enjoyable but isolated. Relaxing but uninspiring. Fun but ultimately less fulfilling than picking up a musical instrument and playing a tune. That's the message you'll project to young people in Hertfordshire. Some will take you up on the offer. Others will take more persuasion. And there'll be those whose disability or problems at home means they've never had the chance. You'll change all that. If you've got what it takes to reveal the power of music to a wider young audience, then please - play on.


For an informal chat call James Dickinson on 01438 843079.


To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to [email protected] or visit quoting ref: S01705G1.


Closing date: 19 September 2008.


Making our mark on equality.”


Hmm.  £42k for a pied piper of Hertfordshire?  How can government justify spending taxpayers’ money in difficult economic times to go around getting people into music?  There’s music in schools and plenty of private options for families to pursue.  I like golf but no one from the Council came round encouraging me to start playing.  Does that mean councils should go around squandering public money to get people into golf?  How about darts?  Fly fishing? 


When you hear Hertfordshire County Council tell you next year when they hike you're taxes up that they’re funding essential frontline services, show them this job to tell them they’re not. 

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