Non-job of the week

A week into feeling a lot poorer – thanks Darling – we see a rise in the number of local government jobs on offer compared to last week.  With borrowing and debt reaching eye watering levels over the next few years, with our politicians talking of an age of austerity upon us and, finally, the penny has dropped with some politicians: we cannot afford big government.


Within that expansive leviathan we can ill afford non-jobs such as this week’s non-job of the week from Hackney council:


Community Partnerships Advisor
£37,476 - £40,104






Do you want to join an award winning council and a team driven by the ambition to change lives through developing strong partnerships across all sectors?


We have recently received the Local Government Chronicle award for Most Improved Council and our Partnerships team has just won Beacon Status for Strategic Commissioning. We now require two managers to join our groundbreaking team which supports the Local Strategic Partnership, develops key partnerships between the council and the voluntary and community sector, and oversees strategic commissioning of the area based grant.


Reporting to the Community Partnerships Manager, you will build effective relationships between the Third Sector and statutory partners, and bring them together to make a difference to local people through the delivery of the Sustainable Community Strategy. You will lead on the development and implementation of key projects and strategies to build the capacity of the Third Sector in Hackney.


Your experience of two or more of the following will be essential: the impact and relevance of volunteering, the COMPACT, Local Strategic Partnerships, Third Sector commissioning, capacity building, accommodation and asset transfer, community engagement, fair trade, or discretionary rate relief. Quote ref: CED501.”


Who will save us from these over-spending, wasteful councils?  The voluntary sector, to be completely voluntary, should be left alone and, I dare say, would be better off left alone.  Burke’s little platoons are the lifeblood of society, giving so much and asking for little in return.  That is their virtue.  To have government step in with the baggage of Harman’s Equalization of Opportunities Act (get the reference?) and their PC, socialistic tendencies can only undermine voluntary activity. 


Who needs government to meddle with the activities of those who just want to be left to get on with their jobs?

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