Non-job of the week

SmallbluebinIt’s not a good week for NHS Trusts.  Yesterday the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust disclosed they spent £6,000 of taxpayers’ money on 1500 annual reports of which only 40 were distributed to residents in the North West.  Today the East London NHS Foundation Trust is in our sights because it advertises for the non-job of the week.


The East London NHS Foundation Trust is advertising for three posts, not for someone medically qualified to perform an essential public service, but for three ‘Equality and Diversity Co-ordinators’.  You may be wondering what an NHS Trust is doing hiring three equality and diversity co-ordinators, so have a read of the job description and judge for yourself whether these non-jobs are necessary:


Equality and Diversity Co-ordinator (x3)


The Trust provides a comprehensive mental health service to a diverse range of cultures and ethnic groups covering the City of London, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Our aim is to provide the very highest standards of care based on strong to partnerships with Social Services and Primary Care Trusts.


Salary Breakdown is as follows:


Basic Salary - £27,622 - £36,416 per annum pro rota plus 20% of basic salary, subject to a minimum payment of £3,383 and a maximum payment of £5,638 per annum pro rota.


Inclusive - £33,146 - £42,054


These 3 posts in total are based across Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney provide an exciting opportunity to further develop equalities, diversity and human rights work across mental health services.


As equality and diversity coordinators you will provide clear direction and guidance to others, have responsibility for leading practical project work and managing a variety of work streams that underpin the diversity agenda.


You will help to ensure that local policies and services are Impact Assessed, that equality based training is provided for staff and that you will have a key role in delivering locally, the Department of Health’s Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health programme. You will also oversee the implementation of the Trust’s Equality Schemes and Action plans and support a culture that is socially inclusive and values diversity.


You will be educated to a degree or equivalent level and have at least 3 years experience working on Equalities and Diversity related issues. You will need to have experience of Equality schemes, knowledge of impact assessments and possess a good working knowledge of current equalities and diversity related legislation.


NHS experience is desirable but not essential for this role.”


That’s £100,000 plus for these jobs in salaries alone.  Add in running costs, pensions and other expenses and you could easily get a budget into a quarter of a million.  Feel free to send them a freedom of information request for a more detailed breakdown of the expenses within the Equality and Diversity department and remember every penny spent there could be spent treating ill taxpayers.  You can use the Trust’s online form, or you can write to and contact:


Freedom of Information Act Co-ordinator
Trust HQ, EastONE
22 Commercial Street
London, E1 6LP


Tel: 020 7655 4119
Fax: 020 7655 4118
Email: [email protected]


Also if you’re not satisfied that the NHS is spending your money on bureaucrats and not doctors, feel free to complain to the Trust:


Jane Quinn
Consumer Relations and Legal Affairs Manager
Trust Headquarters
22 Commercial Street
London E1 6LP
0800 085 8354 (you can call free of charge)


The more we hold these public services to account the more they will think twice before wasting taxpayers’ money.  If you get any responses, then please email them to me so we can publicise them on the website.

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