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Guardian non-jobs 2009 11.3.09 This week there are 526 opportunities to be in the employment of the taxpayer as you can see on the right.  This week’s non-job, however, comes from Northamptonshire County Council:


Community Policy Manager
£46,470 - £57,168 pa


The purpose of Community Partnerships is to manage community growth, diversity and cohesion; improving the quality of life for the people of Northamptonshire; and supporting all people and communities, especially those that are vulnerable or at most risk of social exclusion.


We are looking for two dynamic, focussed and experienced managers to work with the newly appointed Head of Policy in leading and developing our improvement and change agenda in these areas:


Ref: 24246


County Hall, Northampton


Targeted on empowering and enabling communities in Northamptonshire, working with partners on the development of cohesion, equalities, community development, renewal and growth agendas, we are seeking someone with vision, ambition and drive to support policy and delivery in these areas across the Council and its partnerships.


You will be working with partners to manage the sustainability of our growth plans and developing policy which will guide the management and planning of infrastructure, strategic direction and policy frameworks to assure excellence in services to our communities.


You will require experience of successful management of people, resources and time and of leading and managing change and improvement agendas for and with communities and partners.”


For any authority under this government to be able to “manage community growth” is bare-faced cheek.  Managed community growth has been little more than the open-borders policy pursued by the government.  They have no clue how many have come into the country illegally, creating a nightmare underground economy and leaving vulnerable people prey to the sex and drugs ‘industry’. 


With regard to community cohesion, you need only see the disgraceful behaviour of some elements of the ‘community’ in Luton yesterday to find out that the current strategy has been a disaster.  It’s like the government’s trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.


The government needs to realise its top down management of society isn’t working and it’s costing us money.  If it put its mind to doing what states should do – such as border control and managing migration (which we fully can’t do because of EU membership) – then communities would be far more cohesive, the underground economy from illegal immigration would barely exist and the taxpayer would save as a result.


If you feel this case should be put to the leader of Northamptonshire County Council you can email him here: [email protected]

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