Non-job of the week

500+ jobs are on offer this week in the government sector, a week where parliament and government lost the people’s trust over the Commons expenses scandal.  With everyone’s eyes on how the politicians spend our money, we give you our non-job of the week as another reason why taxpayers need to constantly monitor what the government is doing.  From Lambeth Council:


Active Communities & Neighbourhoods Officer
Starting salary £40,104 rising in annual increments to £42,726 pa inc


Lambeth First is a passionate partnership that brings together local residents, voluntary groups and organisations in the public and private sectors. We put ideas into action at a local level to improve the lives of the people of Lambeth. We have just been awarded 'Best Local Strategic Partnership' (LSP) in the UK by the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) based on our passion for working together and improving our partnership.


We are looking for a talented and energetic individual to help us deliver in this key area, related to our long-term vision set out by our Sustainable Community Strategy, that by 2020: Lambeth will be a diverse, dynamic and enterprising borough at the heart of London.


Each neighbourhood in Lambeth is unique and has different issues and priorities. As a partnership, we have made a commitment, in our Sustainable Community Strategy, to ensure that we recognise and respond to this in the way we design and deliver services.


Educated to degree level or equivalent, you will have experience of working across a range of agencies - statutory, voluntary and community - in neighbourhood level delivery and/or design of services. You will draw on your strong influencing and negotiating skills to work with stakeholders to progress this agenda and develop sustainable delivery mechanisms for the borough.”


Working in the TPA, I meet and campaign with Residents Associations and campaign groups at the neighbourhood, grassroots level.  I campaign with very successful local groups.  Not once, not even in passing, have they spoken of the value of Local Strategic Partnerships and the Active Communities and Neighbourhoods Officers contributing to their success.  I doubt the campaigners we team up with would even be able to pick them out of a line up. 


Grassroots campaigns work because they’re independent and voluntary.  The dynamism and enthusiasm of voluntary activity makes it successful – not government meddling.

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