Non-jobbers sacked at City Hall

Boris Johnson’s Mayoralty gave a thumbs up to London's taxpayers as it’s emerged that he’s sacked the first tranche of politically correct non-jobbers in City Hall.  Gone already are the 40 copies of the Morning Star City Hall bought every single day.  Now out of the door are the non-jobbers who read it!


Former Mayor Livingstone’s partner Emma Beal was employed as an ‘administration assistant’.  The post of ‘women’s advisor’ is no more.  The ‘cultural and events adviser’, who incidentally was identified as a member of Socialist Action, also needs to find another job as does the ‘senior policy adviser on the creative industries’.  As one who has campaigned against these non-jobs since coming to the TPA, it is welcome news indeed.  The total savings made by yesterday’s clean-out will save taxpayers £400,000 a year, £1.6million over Mayor Johnson’s 4-year term.


So rejoice at the news.  We can only hope David Cameron pays heed to the good work Johnson is doing already and that this is a sign of what a future Conservative government will do in office.  Our Town Halls are swamped with pointless non-jobbers taxpayers can easily live without, taking scarce resources from the frontline and hiking up Council Tax bills in the process.  Too many councils have become an echo of central government by filling their payroll’s with armies of non-job bureaucrats, no matter what party they are.  Perhaps it’s time for some councils to stand up and say ‘no more’. 


What is clear is the growing, intense public anger the levels of waste in government.  Yet there is some hope as the politicians, starting with Boris Johnson, are beginning to listen and act.  Whether it’s this year, the next or even after the general election, the writing is on the wall for non-jobbers...

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