Non-jobs in Hertfordshire

MoneyHard-working activists in Hertfordshire have dug up some superb taxpayer-funded non-jobs in the area.  Just a few from their campaign site include:


£42,000 for a ‘Head of Community Empowerment’ at the Watford Community Housing Trust.  The job description reads:


“You will work with our tenant and leaseholder members to develop and deliver our Community Empowerment Strategy, ensuring tenants are involved in strategic decision making. Additionally, you and your team will be key players in devising and promoting community empowerment opportunities at a local level.”


This is £42,000 for a non-job pure and simple.  The Trust should be doing its job – housing people – and not going on an empowerment crusade with taxpayers’ money.


Added to this, our Hertfordshire activists found another community empowerment non-job, this time at a cost of £29,000 to the taxpayer at the same Housing Trust.  Similarly, this non-job is advertised to do exactly what the Head of Community Empowerment is tasked to do, “to empower tenants and leaseholders to participate in decision-making at both a strategic and local level”. 


In all this is £71,000 wasted on two non-jobs to ‘empower’ the community with ‘inclusive’ decision making.  So is this value for money or taxpayers’ money thrown down the drain?

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